Aesthetics Product Pipeline

Skin Rejuvenation:

Our team of scientists is specifically designing our first aesthetics product offering for professional use only (or for use under professional supervision). Our products are aimed at supporting epithelial health and improving the appearance of skin following cosmetic treatments (e.g., laser therapy, microneedling) conducted by medical skin care professionals. Our products are being formulated based on our intellectual property around regenerative growth factors protected by 21 patents. We are combining this cutting-edge science with superior ingredients to promote skin health. Our professional grade products benefit from extensive physician input on design formulation and application. Stay tuned as we prepare to launch our first cosmetic products early next year!

Hair Rejuvenation:

We are focused on supporting epithelial health to reduce the appearance of hair thinning and shedding. Platelet rich plasma has shown to outperform Minoxidil in patients with Androgenetic Alopecia: a 6-month randomized human trial showed that 87.5% (PRP) versus 37.7% (Minoxidil) of study participants were satisfied with the appearance of hair on their scalp. Another study showed an increase in hair count by 37.5% versus a loss of hair by 3.5% within 14 weeks for study participants. Our Plasma-based Biomaterial provides extended release of key growth factor proteins found in platelets.